I want to take a moment to introduce you to my family.  Greg and I recently celebrated our 33rd wedding anniversary and resided in Chicago and Naperville for the majority of those years. We are proud to  introduce you to our triplets; Zach, Alex, and Danielle.  After going through infertility treatments, a few surgeries,  17-weeks bedridden, and 10-weeks in the hospital we gave birth on May 1, 1992. With a great team of doctors and nurses the kids were born at 32 weeks and we were blessed with 3 healthy babies.  Fast forward through many sleepless nights, drivers-ed times 3 and college all at one time our kids are now  27 years old.   Our family has now doubled with the kids significant others with Clare, Meghan, and Jake.  We are so happy they have joined the not-so-quiet Levi family.

We hope that you love shopping at our store and look forward to welcoming you into our journey.